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Using Social Media Campaign, you can directly hire MAYOLAD Ventures Publishers at your own budget and have them share your content on their Facebook timeline or twitter handles. The process of becoming a Publisher on MAYOLAD Ventures is thorough enough to ensure that only real people with real social media followers are able to see and share your campaign post to their timelines. Our team manually verifies that each publisher operates a Facebook or twitter account not younger than 3 months with no fewer than 500 friends. Our Team is also constantly checking this parameters for quality control assurance. One major advantage of Social Media Campaign is that long after your ads have expired, they are still active on the timelines of the publishers who shared them as they are mandated not to delete shared posts as part of the terms and conditions dictating their eligibility for payment. Additionally, having your business ads shared by others works the magic of word of mouth testimonials. The response rate to this kind of campaign is unprecedented. Before now, people spent so much trying to get likes and shares on social media without been able to control what to get back in exchange for what they paid. The story has changed. Click here to start a social media campaign now

Your post will be shared by specific number of members according to your payment as state bellow:
#2,000 = 10 - 20 members (#50 - #100 per member)
#5,000 = 30 - 60 members (#50 - #100 per member)
#10,000 = 60 - 120 members (#50 - #100 per member)
#20,000 = 120 - 240 members (#50 - #100 per member)
#50,000 = 300 - 600 members (#50 - #100 per member)
#100,000 = 600 - 1200 members (#50 - #100 per member)
#150,000 = 1000 - 2000 members (#50 - #100 per member)
#200,000 = 1200 - 2400 members (#50 - #100 per member)

Think of how many people your business will reach if 100 people having a minimum of 500 Facebook friends each share your business on their Facebook timeline. That's nothing less than 50,000 (500x100). MAYOLAD Ventures Social Media campaign is a very powerful advertising tool for every business.
Also, as we know, having people to share your business on their Facebook timeline is like having them tell their friends personally about your business. It is like having someone give a good testimony about your business or refer his friends to your business. The response rate is amazing. Businesses with this kind of insight are taking advantage of MAYOLAD Ventures Social Media Campaign to grow their businesses

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